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Because mocking is fun and the such

Banice Haikus - HELLO! CHEAP!
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If you don't know what this is about, you don't deserve to be here.
abc, bad singers, band discoverer, beer, being in the cia, being sorry, being sorry for sucking, buddha, buying gum, cat of death, cbs, chicago, cigarettes, dancing, defragging, degrees, dollar champagne, dressing to the nines, experiencing life, fall on me, former friends, fox, friend alienator, funny stories, grammar, green pictures, hot pockets, knowing everything, mooching money, music recommender, my bus pass, my dementia, my new york connections, nbc, pizza, rebooting, rick springfield, shaking, shirts with pizzaz, smoking, stalking ugly 'musicians', starving, story telling, the word literally, throwing my shit down, too big pants, unlabled video tapes, veterans, walking